With world-class production lines, high-quality alloy steel, advanced and reasonable oil channel design, strictly prohibited heat treatment process, first-class professional research and development team and more than 10 years of production experience, the company has developed a super strong strike force, stable work, economic and durable, suitable for various harsh operating environment of the crushing hammer and other tools.

● the highest technical ability

* representative weight ratio

* N ₂ + hydraulic

* high power and batting average

* strong institutions

● the most quality input

Environmental friendly pressure crushing hammer

* high exquisite design, less accessories

* high performance precision directional valve

* less maintenance costs

* shorter oil passages

● the highest work efficiency

* high efficiency of reversing valve

- adopt the shortest piston oil channel

- reduce recoil

- increase blow power

* less oil required

- relieve pressure pump fatigue

* valve regulator

- adjust strike capability according to material hardness