Characteristics of Hydraulic Crushing Hamme


The power source of hydraulic crushing hammer is the pressure provided by excavator, loader or pumping station, which can break stone and rock more effectively and improve working efficiency in engineering construction. The principle of selecting hydraulic crushing hammer is to select suitable hydraulic crushing hammer according to excavator model and working environment. The characteristics of hydraulic crushing hammer are introduced below. 

1.Hydraulic crushing hammer can ensure high quality, piston, main body front, cylinder, main body rear and other main parts produced by new heat treatment equipment, in addition, many years of technical experience to ensure the stability of excellent quality. 

2.Using high quality material special technology to manufacture piston, theme bolt, main body front, cylinder, main body rear and other important parts of the material is through the strict quality inspection of the company. 

3.The impact energy enhanced structure design hydraulic crushing hammer adopts the optimization design idea, increases the piston and cylinder block stroke, adopts the piston and the brazing rod equally large diameter, causes the crushing hammer to match the main engine very well, reasonably uses the high output energy, saves the energy, achieves the work efficiency extremely high. Hydraulic crushing hammer has become an important working tool of hydraulic excavator. Hydraulic crushing hammer is installed on excavator loader or wheel loader for crushing operation.