The power source of the crushing hammer


Crushing hammer is a kind of construction machinery often used in large-scale construction, which plays an important role in modern construction. Because of the introduction of crushing hammer, it speeds up the construction process to a large extent, saves manpower and material resources, and improves the economy of construction. Effective use of the machine is to have a full understanding of the machine, so do you know the crushing hammer it is how to move?

Power source is broken hammer excavator or loader pump station provides pressure oil, it is developed on the basis of air hammer, hydraulic pump as power source, with the hydraulic oil as working medium, is to convert hydraulic energy to mechanical shock can broken tool, i.e., according to the liquid pressure driven piston reciprocating motion, doing work to export energy to work.

When the crushing hammer works, it accepts the hydraulic power of the excavator through the valve system, pushes the piston towards the tail of the crusher, and compresses the nitrogen in the nitrogen chamber to accumulate energy. When the piston moves to the specified position of the tail, the valve adjusts the direction of the hydraulic pressure and pushes the piston to move in the opposite direction. At the same time, the nitrogen expansion pushes the piston to move downward and strike the drill rod to realize the crushing function.

It can be used to dig the foundation of the building to clean up the soil in the floating stones and cracks in the rocks more effectively. The principle of selecting the crushing hammer is to select the suitable hydraulic crushing hammer according to the model of excavator and the working environment.

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